Do you like the Air Jordan 1 Mid 85

As the new year approaches, the scale of Jordan Brands 2021 series is getting bigger and bigger. Now, we have just seen a brand new air Jordan 1 Mead celebrating the “85” theme, commemorating Jordan’s entry into the league. The Air Jordan 1 Mid uses mixed colors, a fresh white leather underside, and red or blue throughout. To celebrate Michaels’ debut in the All-Star Game, the color of this pair of sneakers is reminiscent of colored jerseys from the East and the West. Most of the shoes are required to be white tumbling leather, with white mesh covering the ankles and tongue. Red and blue are used for the ankle and Nike Swoosh logo, and also appear on the embroidery 85 on the lower ankle. The white midsole and matching rubber outsole complete the new look.

Nike Dunk High loopholes have surfaced in the cracks on the left and right. Now we have a loophole that will not be announced until February next year, even if the All-Star Game will be played in February next year. Although dunks have been on fire, this reasonable sneaker will appear in the All-Star Weekend lineup next year. Although no leaked pictures have appeared, the official color scheme has been listed as Brlygr/black. According to the early physical model, this sneaker will use a light mint leather base, while black patent leather will be covered around the heel, ankle, forefoot, toe and Nike Swoosh logo. Toned laces fasten the shoes, and the white rubber midsole and black rubber outsole complete the new look.

Jordan No. 1 will be an important part of the 2021 All-Star lineup, and now we have an official view that low changes are expected to decline during the All-Star weekend. The 2021 All-Star Weekend will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana. This will be a weekend suitable for all ages. We started receiving early leaks a few months ago, and now we are finally starting to see official pictures of some of the lineup. If you want to wear black and white clothes, it is difficult to find a sports toe cap that does not like these. The side plaques and toes are made of black leather uppers, the toe, forefoot, eyelet and the cladding around the heel are made of patent leather, and the side plaques are printed with the Nike Swoosh logo. The white trapeze brand has an elegant tongue, while the white midsole and black rubber outsole hat are a new interpretation of fashion.

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